Baahubali TV Series 2018 – Details, Date, Timing and Cast

Baahubali: The Conclusion released in theatres on 28th April, 2017 and the response from audiences towards this SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus is earth shattering. Globally, the film amassed an insane amount of more than 700 crores INR in the first 5 days of its release. A 1500 crores towards the end of its run shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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The all time worldwide record is 792 crores (lifetime figures) of PK. The film marked a defining moment in Indian Cinema, of a kind which will remain unparalleled for decades to come. However, Rajamouli’s visions of the world which he created is going to be expanded on Indian television. He has confirmed the news himself that a television show in Telugu is on the cards and slated for a 2018 premiere. Obviously, it will also be dubbed in other languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.

The delight and eagerness of fans to know and explore more about  Baahubali’s world will know no bounds. Recently, an anime series Baahubali: The Lost Legends trailer surfaced on Amazon Prime Video. It is expected to kick off this year. And now this huge announcement for a live action TV Series. Let’s find out how it came to be on the table.

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How the TV Series Unfolded? Details

Do you know who’s Anand Neelakantan? For those of you who don’t, he had worked on TV series such as Siya Ke Ram,Chakravarthin Ashoka and Mahabali Hanuman. Not only that, he has also wrote mythological novels like Asura: Tale of the Vanquished and Ajaya: Roll of the Dice.SS Rajamouli called Anand Neelakantan after the release of Baahubali : The Beginning and asked him to develop a prequel story of Mahishmati Kingdom in a form of 3 novels. The first of those 3 novels is already completed and has been published too. It’s called The Rise of Shivagami. And that’s precisely what the television series is going to be about.

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As the title of the novel suggests, the story will revolve primarily around Shivagami. Once she had sworn to destroy to destroy the Mahishmati Kingdom and later she turned out to be its savior. Well, how that turned out to be. How Bijjaldeva, father of Bhallavadeva, lost the throne to his younger brother( father of Amrendra Baahubali), since he was not physically handicapped before. Despite, he was a very skilled swordsman. And then, there is also the backstory of Kattappa’s grit and devotion. Well, to be honest, all of this story will definitely make the world of world of Baahubali, even more grander.

Baahubali TV Series Cast:

Baahubali TV Series 2018

While the characters from the film Rajamata Shivagamj and Kattapa will reprise their roles, as many as 40 new characters have been developed for the television series.Some of the evil characters will be Pattaraya, Jeemotha and Hindumba. Who all will be playing these characters haven’t been finalized as of yet, since they are new characters.

If initial reports are to be believed, as many as 13 episodes will be shot for this upcoming television series. And mind you, this television series will be nothing like our soap operas. If anything the two Baahubali films has taught us, this will be a benchmark in the history of Indian television too. While the shooting is expected to begin around September, timings and networks are due to be revealed. To know every single detail about this upcoming show and other Baahubali’s anecdotes, stay in touch with us.

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