Awww! He is the secret lover of Alia Bhatt in Bollywood

Alia Bhatt has been known for making many hearts fall in love with her. The latest man to fall in love with her is Ashrut Jain who is a Bollywood newbie. He is all set to make his debut in the movie name Sunshine Music Tours And Travels. He will also be seen playing a pivotal role in the movie M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story which is a Sushant Singh Rajput starrer.

Ashrut Jain

The film is of Shailendra Singh where he plays a role of being crazy for Alia Bhatt when shooting for the movie so much so that he eventually fell in love with her. He even plans to confess his love for the actress on September 2nd while is extremely excited about it. He has even confessed his love for Alia publicly while declaring his wish to confess to her on the specified date, no matter where on earth she might be.

So Sidharth Malhotra, are you listening? 😉

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