What Anushka Sharma says about her marriage plans?

The Sultan fame actress Anushka Sharma was infuriated with the fascination of Bollywood Divas getting married. Much predictable to her fans she nailed it when she spoke her mind out. Her unique perspective on life is quite visible through the characters she portrays in her movies.

She finds it quite disturbing to be interrupted by media on her personal take. She shut everybody’s mouth with her revelations about her marriage plans and the speculations around it.

Presently Anushka is happy with her career and would like to hold on to her roots. On asked about her relationship with Virat Kohli she preferred to remain silent. She was rather annoyed and dis-affirmed to disclose her personal life and she is mature enough to handle it herself.

Anushka Sharma

According to Anushka she has an identity other than her relationship with the cricketer. Unfortunately people have shifted their attention from her movies to her personal love life.

On being asked her marriage plans she almost went over the table to explain that she has no obsession with marriage and would happen to her at the right time. Even after marriage she is going to continue with her movies and good work. This shows her dedication towards her work slamming the people who focus on her personal relationship.

Anushka’s parents are progressive enough to leave the decision to her. She isn’t mentally prepared to commit in a relationship. Though she wants a happy family currently she is busy fixing dates with producers.

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