“Ankahee – The Voice Within” – A New Chat Show on Zoom – Hosts, Timings, Promo & Concept

One of the topmost entertainment channels in India is ‘Zoom’. Zoom channel is set to confront social taboos with an ultimate twist. The next chat show in Zoom channel is “Ankahee – The Voice Within” which reveal the truth, smash your old beliefs and assist you to view the new world with dissimilar light. The first episode of this show is going to be telecasted on 29th July 2017 at 10 P.M in Zoom channel. This show is display the changing beliefs of sex, happiness, relationships and love. As nation evolves and human beings adapt, actions and desires are leading to novel angles and questions. Keep watching the show every Saturday to know the evil deeds taking place around the world.

Ankahee - The Voice Within on Zoom


Ankahee – The Voice Within concepts deals with issues related to relationship and taboos. The episodes will includes topics like Gay Depression, Sexual Compatibility, Cheating, Single moms likes to mingle, Right to Abort, Sex Before Marriage and many more complications.

The agitators host Ashwini Kalsekar, who is renowned to play the suitable devil’s advocate and stop-at-nothing but the truth. She unknots the mysteries taking place in the past. This chat show will search and hear all views of parties one by one and hence finally get on with faceoff round. Get ready for zooming your minds and eyes with this chat show and sum up the issues & weigh which one is right and wrong as per your opinion.


The Promo of this show is available in all YouTube Channels

Hosted By

  • Ashwini Kalsekar

Telecasting/Timing Details

Viewers are eagerly waiting for the show launch. The telecasting details are given below:

  • Show Name: Ankahee – The Voice Within
  • Telecasting Time: 10 P.M
  • Telecasting Days: Every Saturday
  • Launch Date: 29th July 2017
  • Genre: Chat Show
  • Telecasting Channel: Zoom


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