American Ninja Warrior 2017 All Season Winners 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

American Ninja Warrior is a highly popular and interesting American television series which has sports based challenges which shall qualify them to the Japanese television series Sasuke. No less than hundred competitors try to complete the challenges and obstacles but their difficulty levels keep on increasing, making the national finals on the Las Vegas Strip almost a dream come true.

On television, it started by broadcasting on channel G4 but today after more than million fan-following, has multiple channels broadcasting the series. NBC is one of them.

American ninja warrior winners list

Till date, only two lucky chaps Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten have won the complete course and have made their name in history. This series is no less than a war situation. Their victory has been termed as “Total Victory”. However, Caldiero is the only one stud to win the exorbitant cash prize.

American Ninja Warrior Core Team has renewed the concepts and has a new plan for the next 9th season.

American Ninja Warrior Season 1

In 2009, the first season was launched in Los Angeles. Being the first one of its kind, hundreds of athletes and competitors took part and challenged themselves to win this obstacle course. The series was aired on G4 TV and the hosts for the show were Blair Herter and Alison Haislip. There were 10 Americans who made it to the Mount Midoriyama of Japan. Three people who qualified at this stage out of 10 were Rich King, Levi Meeuwenberg, and Brian Orosco. From the above top three, Levi Meeuwenberg completed Stage 2 but slipped on stage 3 and missed the chance of winning.

American Ninja Warrior Season 2

The second season was exciting than the first one. It was held in 2010 and aired on the same G4 channel. It was held at the most exotic location of Venice Beach, California where around 300 competitors participated. Out of them, only 15 semi-finalists could make it to the super “Ninja Warrior Boot Camp” which was further held in another remote location of California Mountains, where they competed in a series of team challenges. No competitor could make it beyond the Stage 3.

American Ninja Warrior Season 3 

In the year 2011, the season three was launched with a big bash. It was on air on both channels G4 and NBC. Similar to Season 2, it was first on Venice Beach then top 15 finalists went for finals in Japan at Sasuke 27. Alas, no competitor could make it there. The dream of winning $500,000 endorsement deal with K-Swiss was all gone.

American Ninja Warrior Season 4

Again, the fourth season was better and had everything of Season 3 but with at a bigger scale. It was aired on both the channels. This time, there were competitions held in three different locations: Venice Beach, CA (Southwest and Northwest), Dallas, TX (Midwest and Mid-south), and Miami, FL (Northeast and Southeast). In total 100 competitors qualified for next stage. The season finale was planned in in Las Vegas, NV. Mount Midoriyama course was recreated near the Las Vegas Strip for the execution of national finals. Next 90 contestants who qualified from this stage (including wild card entry) earned tickets to Las Vegas. Brent Steffensen made America proud by crossing Stage 3 as he made it to the farthest till date but then he failed in stage 4. However, he did win in his own way.

American Ninja Warrior Season 5

Esquire Network was now on board as the official broadcaster in 2013. Regional competitions of the primary stage were held in Venice Beach, CA; Baltimore, MD; Miami, FL; and Denver, CO. Season 5 commenced in February 2013 and ended in May at Las Vegas, NV. Kane Kosugi was the first one to reach the final stage in SASUKE 8.

American Ninja Warrior Season 6

This was the sixth season to be aired again on all three networks. The season six finale was held in their patent location Las Vegas, Nevada. You may call it as the permanent home of Mount Midoriyama in the United States. The unique thing of this season was the female competitor Kacy Catanzaro who became the first female making it to the “Warped Wall” in Dallas Qualifiers. She made world record to complete the finals course in 8 minutes, 59 seconds.

American Ninja Warrior Season 7

7 seasons’ grand bumper prize was now increased from $500,000 to a super $1,000,000. Higher Qualifying and final rounds took place in Venice Beach, Kansas City, MO, Houston, Orlando, Pittsburgh, as well as a special military-only course in San Pedro. Only two competitors who could finish the course were Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten. It was the first time in history that any American could finish Stage 3. 7th season concluded with a grand victory. Geoff Britten was the first to complete Stage 4. However, Isaac Caldiero even crossed the stage 4 rope climb in a better time period and was hence awarded the grand cash prize of $1,000,000. He got the title of “American Ninja Warrior.”

American Ninja Warrior Season 8 

Here, the primary rounds took place in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and Philadelphia, there were 28 new obstacles introduced in this season.

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