Aji Sunte Ho (Reality TV Series) on Zee TV – Plot, Host & Timings

Aji Sunte Ho is a reality television series that airs on Zee TV. It was created and conceptualized by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal, the producers, post their 25thmarriage anniversary. The show is based on a unique concept and is one of a kind on Indian television series. It began airing on 14th November, 2016. What makes the show even more special is that, unlike many other reality shows, this show features only non-celebrities.

Aji Sunte Ho (Reality TV Series) on Zee TV

To date the show has aired 70 episodes and it might be renewed very soon for a second season. The show has garnered quite a peculiar following of its own in a very short time. We will update the info soon as we hear any official word from Zee or the producers. Moving on, let’s explore what the show is all about.


The show features couples from all across the country and test their compatibility through fun sessions  and games. Couples are asked several questions about themselves, like the sort of things which annoys them or calms them down. Basically, the show intends to celebrate love and togetherness that binds married life meanwhile exploring the beauty of every couple’s relationship. The show is also about helping married couples rediscover their relationship bonding.

Host & Timings

Satish Sharma and Pranuati Pradhanare the hosts of the show. In the show they appear as Mr. and Mrs. Sharma, however they are not married to each other in real life.

The show airs on weekdays (Mon-Fri) at 06.30 PM.Also, it is the first non-fiction series by Zee to air on weekdays.

Want to stay updated about the further seasons of Aji Sunte Ho, stay tuned with us.

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