“Airtel Connected LIVE” – Internet’s First LIVE Reality Show – Concept and Other Details

TVF is arriving with Internet’s First LIVE Reality Show named “Airtel Connected LIVE”. This web-reality live event takes place from 18th august to 20th august, 2017. It features a fan-favorite Jitendra Kumar who dared to survive alone in a dwelling. He is one of the famous actors on internet.

Airtel Connected LIVE

Moreover, he is recognized for his various roles like Munna Jazbaati in Q-tiyapa Intern and Jeetu in TVF pitchers as well as Arjun Kejrwal on The Viral Fever. He is highly praised for his performances in Q-tiyapa Intern for the role of Munna and also earned more than two million views. Three day live show will surely grab you attention so, do not miss to watch.


This show is based upon nomophobia i.e. being unable to utilize mobile phone or fear of being without mobile for some specific reason. It deals with the fear of not being connected to smarphones and this live show seems to be extremely significant. Featuring cameos from famous TVF faces like Biswapati Sarkar, Nidhi Singh, Nidhi Bisht and Anant Singh.  Airtel and TVF team up to create their powerful first-of-a-kind live branded event in India.

Jitendra Kumar is a famous actor who dares to accept this game. He has worked in several web series like TVF pitchers and Permanent Roommates and also take part in feature film like Shuruat ka Interval. It is a 3-day live activation created which challenges with the difficulties of digital engaging experience. It also assures how the appropriate choice of network provides the real use of smartphones.


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