10 Best Dance India Dance Participants Ever

Dance India Dance is one of the most popular and profound dance platforms across the country. Most of the growing professionals try for participating once in the show in order to present his talent over the stage. This particular show has already completed five seasons consecutively from the year of 2009 to 2015 and so far has given excellent dancing stars to the nation. A particular competition has always a champion, does not mean the other participants do not well deserve. The runners up and other contestants are also equal talented, though some lack of presentation on the day of performance made them out one by one from the battle.

The culture of dance and style ranges several varieties such as hip-hop, contemporary, salsa, classical, Bollywood, kalarippayattu, samba, jives and much more. The format of this particular dance show featured to comprise auditions and different primary levels to select the contestants across the whole country. The ages of the contestants are limited to 15 years to 25 years.  After choosing the contestants of the individual season, the masters or the dance choreographers used to give training to them.


Numerous forms of dance like ballroom dancing, acrobatics, shadow dancing, mid-air dancing, ballet etc have been trained to the contestants. Judges or choreographers of this show were Remo D’Souza, Geeta Kapoor, and Terence Lewis. Later they have been replaced by Mudassar Khan, Feroz Khan, Shruti Merchant, Punit Pathak, and Gaiti Siddiqui. The show has earned the popularity with highest TRP among all other reality shows of recent time in Indian TV channel.

Here is the list of 10 best dancers of Dance India Dance championship. You can find the details about your favourite dancer here.

Salman Yusuff Khan (from Remo Ke Rangeelay):


Salman is the contestant of the first season of DID and also the champion of that year. He is obviously one of the best dancers of this show. He started all typical dance forms during the show, such as hip hop, salsa, contemporary, jive, samba and much more. By attempting all excellent performance, he astonished the judges and as well as the audiences. He lifted the trophy by eliminating all other 18 dancers of this season. This show has touched the height of popularity from the very first season. The finale of this show was held on 30th May 2009 and he became the champion of the first season.

Alisha Singh (from Terence ki Toli):


She was one of a gorgeous lady who amazed the audience during all season by her absolute performance. Nevertheless, she was unable to earn the trophy but she won the heart of judges. She performed almost all kinds and forms of dances such as Bollywood style, salsa, and samba, contemporary, jazz and lots more. Words are not just perfect to describe her performance. Her name has been taken as one of the most accomplished dancers of all the season.

Shakti Mohan (from Terence Ki Toli):

Shakti-Mohan dance india dance

Shakti Mohan was the name of such skilful dancers among all contestants of season 2 who finished the show as being the champion of 2010 edition. She attempted many forms of dances such as contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood style, salsa and lots more. This season was hosted by the talented anchor Saumya Tandon with Jay Bhanushali. She won the battle by defeating all other contestants one by one and manages to write her name in golden words in the history of Dance India Dance. Her strenuous effort amazed all the judges and Grand Master along with the TV spectators.

Dharmesh Yelande (Geeta Ki Gang):

Dharmesh Yelande dance india dance

Dharmesh is the name of such performer who stunned all the single audience with his terrible and hard working performance. He was one of the toughest challenges of DID season 2. He also executed several forms of dances like jazz, breakdance, hip hop, contemporary, jive, salsa, and much more to astonish the audience. He failed to lift the trophy by a thin margin though his effort and class have always been memorable.

Rajasmita Kar (from Geeta Ki Gang):

rajasmita-kar-dance india dance

Rajasmita Kar was that mind blowing dancer of season 3 who finished her session by lifting the trophy. She was one of the toughest contestants among all 18 performers who focused on various dance forms such as jazz, Bollywood style, salsa, contemporary, hip hop and lots more. She astonished judges, Grand Master and audiences with her every single performance. She delivered a hard battle on the finale on 24th December 2011 and declared as the champion by defeating another deserving contestant.

Pradeep Gurung (from Terence Ki Toli):

Pradeep_Gurung_dance india dance

He finished his session as being the runners of DID season 3. He strives the forms of jazz, contemporary, salsa, hip hop, break dance, jive and much more. Though he was not capable of won the title, he was equally talented as the champion. During the whole season, he won the heart of million Indians and judge’s heart by his strenuous performance.

Shyam Yadav (from Mudassar Ki Mandali):

Shyam-Yadav dance india dance

He was the winner of the DID season 4 which was hosted by Jay Bhanushali and Ishita Sharma and judged by a new panel for the first time including Feroz Khan, Mudassar Khan, and Shruti Merchant. Shyam won the title by defeating all other deserving contestants of the same season.

Manan Sachdeva (from Shruti Ke Shandar):

manan sachdeva dance india dance

Manan was the face of DID season 4 who may not become the champion but won the heart of millions. The finale was held on 22nd February 2014 and he was declared as the runners-up. He carried out various dance forms of contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, salsa etc during the whole season.

Proneeta Swargiary:

proneeta-swargiary dance india dance

Proneeta is the champion of DID season 5. She was also among one of the very accomplished dancers of all season. She is the sole fan of Madhuri Dixit and dreams to become a successful choreographer one day.  She is declared as the champion on 11th October 2015 on the day of the finale.

Anila Rajan:


She is one of the excellent dancers of Dance India Dance of all season. Though she gets eliminated from the competition before the finale, but amazed the judges and spectators by her astonishing performance.    

Thus with all astonishing performance and performs, this dance reality show has become the most awaited and successful event of the recent time.


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