10 Best Bigg Boss House Participants Ever

Navjot Singh Sidhu


The calmness and composure which he demonstrated during his course of stay in the house, hasn’t been reflected in none. For the amiable character he is, he found a place in the heart of every housemate. He stayed the longest in the house without receiving any evictions votes, and i.e, an all-time record in Big Boss history. He must have been standing among the finalists if he hadn’t had to leave the house due to personal reasons.

Urvashi Dholakia


She was the one person, everyone was most skeptical about when she entered the house. People rewarded for her brutal honest personality and eventually she went on to lift the trophy of Big Boss season 6.

Puneet Issar


The face of ‘Duryodhana’ from Mahabharat, was nevertheless, nothing like him, in his real life. Unbiased and sincere, the eldest member of Big Boss 8, was the most reasonable member of the house. He did all of  his tasks sincerely, barely participated in the politics of the house and never hold  a grudge against any housemate.

Raju Srivastava


Everyone is aware of his quirks impeccable humor. His always wore his humor armor inside the house. Despite rough patches with a couple of housemates, he kept people together with his personality. The mental pressure drifted away from the atmosphere of the house, where ever he be. Most of the time, housemates were found sitting and laughing together, which is very unusual inside the house during any season. To that, I would say, cheers.

Shweta Tiwari


The television soap opera queen had her ups and downs during the 4th season of Big Boss. But, she came out on top of everything and went on to become the first female winner of Big Boss. She approached everything with a straight forward nature and her honesty ringed a bell in the hearts of many. Surrounded amidst controversies after accusations were made against her, she bounced back quickly in an incredible manner and taking a righteous stand all the way.

Rakhi Sawant


Be it anywhere, with her stints Rakhi manages to be the newsmaker wherever she goes. So, why the house of Big Boss would have been any different? Honestly, if someone have set the bar for dramatic displays in the house, it was her. With all the quarrels that she was involved in and the expression of love for a fellow housemate, she was unarguably the most entertaining contestant on the first edition of the show.

Gautam Gulati


The handsome hunk was the most adorable and loved contestant on the 8th edition of the show and eventually went on to become the youngest winner of the show to date. From the entire house, he was the only celebrity trending worldwide owing to his huge fan base. His happy-go-lucky attitude and romantic crusade with girlfriend Diandra Soares, all worked out for his best.

Dolly Bindra


She entered the house midway during season 4 and TRP’s sky-rocketed. As soon as she had a place in the house, she was giving a tough time to many, especially, Shweta Tiwari. She had a very loud attitude with her. She was always very vocal in her opinions and many were at dismay with her dominating personality. However, sometimes she spoke words of justification and even possessed calmness. Still, due to the turbulences she brought in the lives of the fellow housemates, and with the way she generally was, she will be most unforgettable wild card entrant of the show.

Imam Siddique


The actor and choreographer, was always a center of attraction due to his comments and makeovers. He was a personality too unusual to be true. Yet, he was there and was involved in a number of controversies with other housemates. His weird activities intimidated others and at one point he went off limits to the point that Big Boss had to make him leave the house. He deserves a mention on this list, owing to the fact that the portrayal he depicted to the diversity of human behavior.

Rishabh Sinha


The runner up of season 9, was initially pegged as a weak contestant by others. He proved his mettle as the season progressed, at the same time preserving his innocence and composure. Since the season has concluded, he has been getting a number of offers to be a part of films and television serials. Must have been because he left an impression with the viewers.

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