Bhutu Serial On Zee Bangla – Casts, Timings, Promo, Story

Bhutu is an interesting upcoming serial which will be telecasted on Zee TV from 21st August 2017 onwards. This show deals with the friendly ghost Bhutu who tries to assist others, other creating mayhem and mischief in the process. The serial is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films.

Bhutu Serial On Zee Bangla


The story is about a 5 year old innocent spirit Bhutu essayed by 6 year old Arshiya Mukherjee. The fascinating part of this story is that Bhutu is ignorant of the fact that she is a spirit. Actually, she considers herself as human and surprise why she cannot talk with others. Bhutu had died in her own residence and she thought that she was in deep-sleep and her parents went somewhere leaving her in home. Due to that reason, she waits for her parents with confidence that they will take back her with them.

The house is considered as ghost living residence by locals. Though, the broker provides the house to various families for rent but none of them stayed for prolonged years.  Whenever, a family enters into the house she tries to communicate with them. After some time, Bhutu comes to know that she will be visible only to folks who owns a good heart and whom she wishes to communicate with. Her search journey lands her as well as her benefactors in comical situations and generates pure laughter and joy.


Promo of this show is available in all YouTube channels.


  • Arshiya Mukherjee act as Bhootu
  • Anindita Roy Choudhury act as Madhu/ Mummum
  • Master Samriddho act as Logenze
  • Sneha Chatterjee act as Ishani/Ojha Pisi
  • Manasi Sinha act as Logenze pisi thamma
  • Anindya Chatterjee act as Nirjhor/Bhituram Kaku
  • Kanyakumari Mukherjee act as Rumi/Mishti pishi
  • Manali Dey act as Mouli/Borodidi
  • Lily Chakravarty act as Thummum

Telecasting/Timings Details

  • Show Name: Bhootu
  • Telecasting Channel: Zee TV
  • Genre: Drama
  • Launch Date: 21st August 2017
  • Telecasting Days: Monday-Sunday
  • Telecasting Time: 06.30 PM


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